Winter Walking – Recommendations and Wishlist

I was recently scrolling through a certain well-known retailer searching for that one toy that would truly make a difference to my dog’s life, and I realised that we are fast approaching those times when I’ll be walking my dog in the dark. It got me thinking about all the things I needed for dark walks and all the things I wanted last year and promised myself I would buy for this year to make my life easier.

Now is the time to check I am organised, everything works, batteries are sourced etc. I rummaged around in the dog paraphernalia drawer and realised my head torch had been dinged and didn’t work. Cue changing of batteries – nope, check the bulb is not broken – nope. This is where the limit of my expertise falls, so it is time for a new one. But I thought, if I am already on the site, I might as well order all the other equipment I wanted last year, and I may as well recommend a few other items that just might change your life, too.

Proviz REFLECT360 Hi Viz Bobble Beanie Hat.

I have reflective strips on my clothes, but I wanted something extra, besides my torch, and then I stumbled upon this! It is reflective in the dark, and it keeps my head warm; how perfect is that? I do love multifunctional items.

Hi-Viz 2 in 1 Removable Fleece Lining Waterproof Windproof Coat

This is my go-to coat in the rain, cold or on gloomy winter days when I want to track Poppy through the trees when she’s after a particularly good smell. She is double-coated so I rarely put the liner in but for thinner-coated breeds this is an excellent addition. Bonus – only dry half a dog.

Scettar Fingerless Flip Thermal Gloves

I looooove mittens but they are so impractical on a dog walk as you have to keep taking them off to poo pick or use your phone – enter the fingerless gloves with removable mitten covers! Best of both worlds. Cute and practical, the perfect dog-walking solution. These are definitely in my basket this year.

Gritin LED Head Torch

What I love about head torches is the hands-free poo picking. The amount of near misses I have had with dropping a torch or my phone anywhere near the item while I am trying to pick up poo is embarrassingly high. Head torches are a must for this in my opinion. These are similar to the one I already have. Not too expensive and two of them means I can put one in the car if I ever get caught out in the dark. The reviews are high on these so I am giving them a go.

Colaseeme LED Light Up Dog Collar Rechargeable

I don’t let my dog off in the dark as I have no safe places near me to do so; these would be perfect if I did. I do use these as extra visibility along the road. I clip it on as an extra collar when we head out the door. And it is rechargeable too, so no faffing around finding batteries or having them run out in the middle of the walk.

Derlights LED Dog Collar Light, Rechargeable

If you have a long-coated breed like mine, you might want to add an additional light on the harness, as the collar sometimes gets swallowed into the fur. This one is quick and easy to put on, very visible and lasts a good wile. Rechargeable again, so no battery or running out faffing.

So that’s it, the ones I have and the ones I am getting. I hope that helps a few of you. As per usual, don’t forget to do your own due diligence and make sure they would be right for you. Items change and I can’t keep up with all of them.

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